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Puerto Rico sinks into the debt crisis

The archipelago is threatened with several defaults without urgent action by the United States Congress.

Puerto Rico has taken another step in the debt crisis that the island has been going through for almost a decade now. The governor of the territory, Alejandro García Padilla, has announced on Sunday, May 1, the government development bank (GDB) does not repay a debt of 422 million matured (€ 366 million).

“Faced with the inability to meet the demands of our creditors and the needs of our people, I had to make a choice,” he said in a speech, adding, “I decided that your needs basic were more important than anything else. “Schools and hospitals were in fact threatened with closure for lack of funds.

The territory of 3.5 million people, which has the status of the state, associated with the United States, faces a huge debt of 72 billion dollars (nearly 62.5 billion euros). If the moratorium just announced is not the first fault of the island – it is, in fact, the third since 2015 – it is by far the most important.

Puerto Ricans flee en masse

At the root of this situation, the decision of the United States in 2006 to eliminate the tax credits granted to companies to encourage them to invest on the island. The end of this tax benefit has led to the departure of thousands of jobs. The 2008 financial crisis only accelerated this process.

Faced with a completely destabilized economy, the territory had no choice but to resort to debt consolidation loans Downtownstadium to cover budget deficits. The country has also been slow to make structural reforms. For example, the cost of labor weighs on job creation. The minimum wage is thus aligned with the United States, while the median household income is 65% lower.

This leap forward is now reaching its limits. Today 45% of the population lives below the poverty line (against 16% in the United States as a whole), unemployment exceeds 12.2% (against 5%). Suddenly, Puerto Ricans flee en masse. Every week, more than 1,500 people leave for the United States to escape the economic crisis.

This hemorrhaging of the population only reduces a little more tax revenues already badly in point. Now about one-third of the tax levied is used to repay the debt. In this context, the state can no longer provide basic public services while continuing to repay its creditors.

“Restructuring procedure”

The situation has become all the more uncontrollable as the bonds issued by Puerto Rico benefit from a federal tax exemption. Any US holder is entitled to it as if it were any debt issued by a federated state or a municipality in the United States. Despite the high risk of these investments, many hedge funds quickly filled their portfolios, attracted by high returns and tax-free returns.

But this legal alignment of Puerto Rico with the United States has its limits because the territory does not have the possibility, contrary to what was done for the municipality of Detroit (Michigan) in 2013, to put under the protection of Chapter 9 of the US Bankruptcy Code.

The governor has been asking Congress for months how to restructure his debt. “We do not want a financial bailout, and we have not been offered a financial bailout, what we want is a restructuring procedure that will cost nothing to US taxpayers, ” Garcia Padilla said.

A text is currently in preparation, but it is still at a standstill. House Speaker Paul Ryan urges Republicans and Democrats to quickly find a framework in which Puerto Rico would be able to restructure its debt, failing which the US could be forced to bail out the territory.

While the former are particularly in favor of substantial reductions in pensions, the latter advocate less radical solutions. Time is short because the next date of maturity for an amount of $ 2 billion is set to 1 July. “For now, we do not plan to have the money,” warned Garcia Padilla.

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In a reaction to a swarm of grievances about bank card company’s procedures, Congress has performed hearings, and a few bills have now been presented while in the U.S. Property of Representatives, all targeted to prevent violations that were perceived and the U.S. Senate. Logically, however, lawmakers are that whereby to impose new rules to the credit card industry new laws, aren’t prone to complete this program. Some legislators believe new legislation isn’t the answer

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Look at your cash progress business credit cards move forward rates. If they are really lower than the primary cash loan lenders’ costs then you may wish to consider by using this money to pay for your current loan principle downward further. Pay close attention to situations and terms of the credit-based card. There are sometimes you will end up paying much more in the long run.

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You charioted loans will discover no restrictions on the way you spend your money. Several financial institutions want a precise outline on how you is going to spend dramshops loans their money. A new merchant advance loans have no this kind of restrictions. You are liberal to spend the money since you see fit.

Before we bounce directly into all the great things about home collateral personal credit line rates, I want to ensure you know exactly how these types of function. They are in fact very similar to cash advance organization credit cards advantages. You can be provided the debit or credit card when you use your home assets as a line of credit. After you do that, you can use the amount of money for a lot of points, like vacations, car treatments, and even hotel stays on.

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The is a replacement for bank loans that has found the dramatic improve the past few years and possesses attracted a lot of attention. This alternative is referred to as the what is a vendor loan (or product owner loan). This type of money is much quicker plus easier to get when compared with traditional loans, together with demands no security. Many companies prefer all of them because they will get their very own cash in just a couple occasions.

It is essential that your company is offering the best support services. If you have a transaction option that is effective and fast, then you could be assured that your customers are going to be loyal. Having a merchant service would enhance the connection with shoppers when doing gushiness loans online shopping. With conidial loans the help of credit card orders, you can be able to offer adaptable payment methods. Website alabastron loans retail is a multiple billion industry if you are a business owner, it is advisable to take part of it. Visa or MasterCard merchant account would act as a tool to attract new clients and also retain the previous one.

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